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Tips For Beginners
A few tips and trick on strings, amps, capos, cables and cleaning your guitar etc. These tips and tricks have been put together from questions my students have asked over this year.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 9257 Hits · 4.50/5 (8 ratings) · Last modified: 11/14/2009
Intervals And How To Work Them Out.
When you understand Intervals it helps you get a batter grip on how scales and chords work.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 1800 Hits · 4.67/5 (12 ratings) · Last modified: 1/22/2010
Why Changing Chords Can Be So Hard
Problems changing chords/remembering fingering.
Theory/Reference · Beginner · 1494 Hits · 4.12/5 (8 ratings) · Last modified: 9/29/2007