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O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL - A Transcription
Another Famous Christmas Carol Favorite. Francis Wade and Tr. F. OAKELEY from the Latin. The key is Ab..4 flats. Don't let that scare you. Tempo is easy.
Christian · Advanced · 12103 Hits · 4.78/5 (23 ratings) · Last modified: 12/8/2004
This is another Christmas Carol favorite. They are all about Christ. Somehow that seems to get lost in the traditional melodies until the lyrics are re examined revealing the truth. This is A TRANSCRIPTION from Piano.
Christian · Advanced · 14432 Hits · 4.75/5 (12 ratings) · Last modified: 11/29/2004
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Beautiful , intermediate Christmas piece arranged for classical guitar.
Christian · Intermediate · 6189 Hits · 4.75/5 (8 ratings) · Last modified: 2/26/2003
4. HE (#7559)
by Charles Gacsi (42523)
This is a well known spiritual song that has strong feeling and meaning to many viewers. Contains diagrams and progressions used in Jazz. Accompaniment created via the Composer for 3/4 time. AND. How to remember the starting pitch of this and other tunes.
Christian · Intermediate · 10947 Hits · 4.75/5 (4 ratings) · Last modified: 9/23/2004
Lord I Lift Your Name On High
Here's a little more in depth version.
Christian · Beginner · 11393 Hits · 4.58/5 (12 ratings) · Last modified: 1/5/2005
THE FIRST NOWELL - A Transcription
One of the group of Carols that helps us celebrate the Christmas Season. Not too difficult. In the key of D. The fingering is similar to a style of playing by George Van Epps.
Christian · Advanced · 9057 Hits · 4.50/5 (12 ratings) · Last modified: 12/2/2004
When I Think About The Lord
This teaches you how to play complementary guitar along with Shane Bernard's "When I Think about the Lord. Includes two leads as well as a jam a long.
Christian · Beginner · 8917 Hits · 4.20/5 (5 ratings) · Last modified: 9/5/2005
Here is one of the famous Christmas Carols by Felix Mendelssohn and Charles Wesley.
Christian · Advanced · 17197 Hits · 4.18/5 (22 ratings) · Last modified: 12/6/2004
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
Old Christmas hymn with a funky groove added.
Christian · Beginner · 6384 Hits · 4.12/5 (8 ratings) · Last modified: 3/9/2004
SILENT NIGHT - A Transcription
Traditional Christmas Carol. Time tested and approved world wide. Not too difficult with a little practice. Any rating given is how you view the music and lyrics. This lesson is a verbatim transcription and not an arrangement.
Christian · Advanced · 23684 Hits · 4.10/5 (40 ratings) · Last modified: 11/27/2004
Amazing Grace Chord Melody
Simple chord melody arrangement arranged by myself for the gospel classic "Amazing Grace" - Enjoy
Christian · Intermediate · 21693 Hits · 3.89/5 (28 ratings) · Last modified: 10/14/2005
This arrangement was written for the Composer in mind that 3 guitarists might be needed to play it as presented. This is a TRANSCRIPTION from Piano. Consideration given to listening vs printing. Three lyric verses included.
Christian · Advanced · 39139 Hits · 3.80/5 (15 ratings) · Last modified: 12/3/2004
TRIUMPH - An Original Tune
This is a litle march utilizing the groove with a rock beat. This is a trio. Three distinct parts on one TAB. Three guitarists are needed. It is not intended for a single person to play this tab by themselves. Suitable for the King of Kings.
Christian · Advanced · 5616 Hits · 3.60/5 (5 ratings) · Last modified: 3/23/2005
Blessed Be The Name (harmony & Melody)
14. Blessed Be The Name (harmony & Melody) (#7155)
by Inactive Member
A very nice song to sing and play. Includes the melody and harmony.
Christian · Beginner · 49620 Hits · 3.58/5 (31 ratings) · Last modified: 10/29/2003
This particular Christian piece of music is unusual in that the basic progression is in traditional harmonies with moving voice aspect lending itself towards a jazz progression. See Companion Lesson T.L.I.M.S.
Christian · Intermediate · 12600 Hits · 3.50/5 (6 ratings) · Last modified: 11/27/2004
From my perspective the music falls into the folk category, despite the lyrics being classified as Christian. This is a Guitar chord solo type of lesson.
Christian · Intermediate · 7970 Hits · 2.33/5 (6 ratings) · Last modified: 7/24/2004
Once Again
Teaches you how to play "Once Again" by Matt Redman. Includes guitar parts I wrote to accompany the song as well as a jam/sing a long.
Christian · Beginner · 5056 Hits · No rating · Last modified: 9/5/2005
Tips For The Blossoming Church Guitarist
Are you a worship leader? Play rhythm guitar in a band? Here are a few ways to improve and enhance your playing by learning some new chord shapes and changes.
Christian · Intermediate · 10238 Hits · 4.75/5 (4 ratings) · Last modified: 5/3/2007
Joy To The World
This is an easy good sounden tune
Christian · Beginner · 2616 Hits · 3.43/5 (7 ratings) · Last modified: 12/30/2006
Mary Did You Know
This is a very powerful song christmas song and i think that it is just awsome for lack of a better word.
Christian · Intermediate · 7422 Hits · 2.43/5 (14 ratings) · Last modified: 12/6/2004