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  1. Craig Smoot (906)
    Posted on 11/1/1999 · 7412 Hits
    <b><i>"Sing?!? But all I want to do is play guitar, and besides, my singing sucks!"</i></b> Yes, as many of you were probably thinking the same thing, I too once thought that singing was just something I'd <i>"..get around to learning when I ...(more)
  2. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 4/30/2001 · 7319 Hits
    A long time ago I decided to throw my picks away and dedicate my playing to a more orchestral style, one that exploited the orchestral quality that the guitar offers. I was always inspired by players who combined melody, bass lines and chords al...(more)
  3. Alan Horvath (325)
    Posted on 1/17/2000 · 7313 Hits
    Many local clubs feature an "open mic" venue, where songwriters and musicians of all kinds can get their feet wet. It's a great way to find others with which to co-write or to form a band, duo, or trio. Perhaps, most importantly, it's a great w...(more)
  4. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 10/11/1999 · 7260 Hits
    Hello, music lovers. Callouses nice and hard? Been practicing? No one has to remind you that practice is everything. Practice is what you do so you can forget the facts and figures. <br/><br/> I recently received a letter with the question --...(more)
  5. Ronnie Harris (178)
    Posted on 2/14/2000 · 7203 Hits
    It seems people are always quoting various things as to the number one cause of this or that. I myself believe that the number one killer of bands is <b>the wrong attitude</b>. There seems to be three common problems: <br/><br/> <ol><li>Personal...(more)
  6. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 10/25/2001 · 7130 Hits
    Dynamics are essential to your guitar playing and songwriting. They are yet another weapon in the arsenal of many techniques you can use to spice up your music. <br/><br/> What are dynamics? <br/><br/> Well, they come in many forms. I'll discu...(more)
  7. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 8/30/1999 · 6969 Hits
    Even though music is something you listen to and hear, I have always looked for ways of picturing it visually, both for my own understanding and as a way to teach. Below is an analogy which may help some of you get a grip on how music connect...(more)
  8. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 9/6/1999 · 6949 Hits
    One of my students was around the other night and pointed out that even when I was playing his guitar (a beautiful Strat), I still sounded like me. Its true: no matter what guitar or amp I plug into, I always sound like me. After 38 years of pla...(more)
  9. WholeNote
    Posted on 3/6/2000 · 6877 Hits
    Recently, some of you may have had the pleasure of sharing guitar stories and tips with <a href="/member/profile/profile.asp?i=5762">Rex Jones</a> through our discussion forums. While Rex leads a very busy life as a biomedical tech in the Chica...(more)
  10. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 8/28/2000 · 6800 Hits
    If we didn't have amplification, the only distortions we would be dealing with would be the occasional broken brace rattling or our strings buzzing against the frets. With the advent of electricity, we opened up a whole new vocabulary of descrip...(more)
  11. Brandon Phillips (48)
    Posted on 12/20/1999 · 6746 Hits
    In this article, I'd like to talk about taking a different approach to your songwriting, focusing on emotions, melody, and originality. <br/><br/> Most rockers will come up with a chord progression for which they like the sound, and then ...(more)
  12. Jeremy Cotton (7938)
    Posted on 10/4/1999 · 6700 Hits
    I started to play guitar years ago, back in 7th grade. I would suspect that my story is not too different from many other stories. I found something I was good at and I could be proud of. I was cruising through Mel Bay quite content and ha...(more)
  13. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 8/23/1999 · 6647 Hits
    I had a friend in England years ago, a fine guitarist, who decided one day to tune all his strings to the fifth fret of the next one down, in other words E A D G C F. He did this to see if it would make soloing easier, which of course it did. ...(more)
  14. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 11/22/1999 · 6542 Hits
    Probably the reason most of us got involved in playing music was so that someday we'd be able to play anything that came into our heads, just like that - or to spontaneously invent a complementary guitar part to someone else's song. I know that ...(more)
  15. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 10/4/1999 · 6123 Hits
    We're all confronted with a daunting task when we take up a musical instrument, especially instruments that you can play chords on, especially the guitar. Keyboards have but one position for any given chord voicing. There are several octaves, bu...(more)
  16. Craig Smoot (906)
    Posted on 9/27/1999 · 5947 Hits
    Welcome to my first WN article, and the first in an ongoing series I plan to contribute under this thread. Basically put, I am not much of a theory cat <i>(although I wish I were)</i>, so what you'll get from me in this series and in future l...(more)
  17. Dave Evans (259)
    Posted on 6/13/2001 · 5737 Hits
    The lights go down in the house, the intro music starts and your band breaks into the opening tune of your set, the one you <b>know</b> will get the audience fired up, but you start into your backup vocals and can't hear yourself thru the monito...(more)
  18. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 10/18/1999 · 5716 Hits
    I have often likened improvised lines to little trips away from home, with "home" being the I - III - V of the "chord of the moment". These are usually, and I stress 'usually', your starting notes and finishing notes. The other notes used to li...(more)
  19. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Posted on 10/23/2000 · 5585 Hits
    Hello, and welcome once again. This article will attempt to address the many questions one may have when it comes to choosing a good guitar instructor. <br/><br/> The first thing one must determine is if you really need a teacher for lessons...(more)
  20. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 12/11/2000 · 5498 Hits
    One of the aspects of a properly balanced practice approach that is very often overlooked is <b>review</b>. The common tendency of most students is to focus on "new" things to play, even if last month's or last year's "new" thing was never prope...(more)