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  1. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 9/18/2002 · 13270 Hits
    If we are dedicated to our growth as artists who play the guitar, we must be very smart to get the best out of ourselves. Part of the difficulty in doing so lies in combating the forces and conditioning of the world around us. The world aroun...(more)
  2. Brandon Phillips (48)
    Posted on 12/27/1999 · 12567 Hits
    As guitarists, we tend to use the minor pentatonic scale or "blues box" way too much, especially as beginners. And c'mon people, let's stop disrespecting a great music style by playing the same thing over and over again - there's more to the bl...(more)
  3. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 9/18/2000 · 12368 Hits
    A guitarist is by nature an emotional sort of person. I mean, it's such an emotional instrument, I think it attracts people of a highly sensitive nature, who need to learn to play so they can express that emotion, so it doesn't drive them crazy,...(more)
  4. Dick Onstenk (2202)
    Posted on 6/19/2000 · 11935 Hits
    <b>What is MP3?</b><br> MP3 is an audio file format that can be stored on a computer. You can recognize it by its extension: MP3. Audio files (WAV files) can be quite large. An MP3 file is an encoded WAV file that has been compressed (anywhere f...(more)
  5. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 11/29/1999 · 11665 Hits
    I've been earning a living with my guitars now for thirty odd years. I did a stint as a commercial artist for a couple of years when I finished high school -- I say commercial artist, what I mean is I worked in a commercial art studio learning t...(more)
  6. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 12/20/2001 · 11144 Hits
    I get a lot of emails from people saying that they practice a lot but still can't seem to play or execute moves like their favorite guitarist. Let's take a look at exactly what you're aiming for here. <br/><br/> You've heard the term "Practi...(more)
  7. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 1/22/2001 · 11100 Hits
    Before we get into a discussion of preamps, perhaps an overview of exactly what amplification does is in order. While we may think of an amplifier as a device that just makes our instrument louder, it is really more of a copy machine and overhea...(more)
  8. Shelley Jacobson (42)
    Posted on 5/9/2002 · 10966 Hits
    A dream that many of us have as songwriters and artists, is the dream of one day recording and manufacturing our own CD. <br/><br/> I'll always remember the day the Purolator truck backed into my driveway as I was waiting for my much anticipated...(more)
  9. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 11/13/2000 · 10946 Hits
    <b>Piezoelectronics</b><br> With piezo transducers, we are offered two basic styles in two different elements. The traditional crystal-based piezos are now being replaced by polymer based products. The main advantage of the polymers is a more co...(more)
  10. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 9/5/2001 · 10909 Hits
    I want to address an issue that seems to keep coming up for people who are familiar with my work, and beginning to use my methods. People are reading my essays, and it seems a new awareness is beginning to dawn for them, which is good, that's th...(more)
  11. Jeremy Cotton (7938)
    Posted on 11/1/1999 · 10781 Hits
    Unfortunately for all of us, there is only so much time in a day. We all are faced with things we need to do, like work or school, sleeping, and eating; things that tend to "get in the way" of all of the things we would like to do. There ar...(more)
  12. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 1/18/2002 · 10767 Hits
    I think very likely there exists a very common misconception about this word that we hear all the time, and one that I use often as well: relaxation. I will make my best attempt to bring your understanding of this subject up to a higher level. ...(more)
  13. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 11/7/2001 · 10762 Hits
    After gaining an appreciation of the Floating Arm and Light Finger, you need to discover the Heavy Arm and Firm Finger. These are the names that describe the sensations that accompany the actual doing of Bar Chords, and they proceed from the Sen...(more)
  14. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 4/16/2001 · 10591 Hits
    Playing from memory is a skill that I believe is not only possible for every player, but is indeed essential for every player. I never feel that I know a piece, or have "internalized" a piece, until I have been playing it for quite some time fro...(more)
  15. Frederick Burton (5465)
    Posted on 1/17/2000 · 10556 Hits
    <font size=5>W</font>hy do we <b>practice</b>? What a question. We practice in order to develop and shape the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facilities that help us interpret the music we wish to play. To sit in one position for ...(more)
  16. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 1/24/2000 · 10512 Hits
    Howdy! Today, I want to share one of my favorite exercises. Don't worry. Just because it's an exercise, doesn't mean it will be boring! <br/><br/> When practiced enough, this exercise will single handedly improve multiple areas of your playing <...(more)
  17. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 3/6/2000 · 10486 Hits
    I've talked to a lot of people who's main complaint is "I can't get out of playing the same scale pattern." After a little more probing, I discover that they are totally familiar with the root pentatonic minor pattern, (like A pentatonic min...(more)
  18. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Posted on 7/25/2001 · 10348 Hits
    Every once in a while, I'll see a FretBuzz message outlining a member's frustration with their progress on their instrument. It usually starts out with something like: <br/><br/> <i>"That's it - I'm quitting. I've been practicing [x] for month...(more)
  19. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 9/25/2001 · 10212 Hits
    <b>Understanding and Allowing the Step by Step Process</b><br> You must understand that your ability to effectively change bad habits is going to depend completely upon how deeply and truly you understand the fundamental mechanics of the process...(more)
  20. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 9/6/1999 · 10127 Hits
    Most people naturally associate slide guitar with the blues. We all know it was invented by those late great bottleneck players, using those tunings that drip with the blues. Such a distinctive sound. I certainly got caught up in open tunings wa...(more)