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  1. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 11/6/2002 · 17000 Hits
    It's interesting to think of the ways people speak about time, and their relationship to it. Certainly, the subject of time has been the study of not only scientists in recent times, but even more so by mystics, sages, and saints throughout t...(more)
  2. Josh Graves (2401)
    Posted on 11/29/1999 · 16970 Hits
    It is safe to say that the majority of electric guitar players today prefer a pick, but it is also safe to say that very few use a plectrum exclusively and <b>never</b> touch their right hand fingertips to the strings in any way. The fact that ...(more)
  3. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 3/12/2003 · 16817 Hits
    Well, at the risk of employing a terminology that could lead to endless and possibly embarrassing metaphors, I will adhere to a little principle of teaching that seems to be quite successful. That is, when I latch onto a useful and sometimes rev...(more)
  4. Christoph Pascher (129)
    Posted on 3/19/2001 · 16615 Hits
    Don't be afraid of singing, and know the importance of having a repertoire. <br/><br/> Well, in fact I'm not the best guitar player since I've played for about 5 month now only, but I think I can tell you something about singing. Many people I k...(more)
  5. Paul Cheeseman (2105)
    Posted on 8/8/2001 · 16311 Hits
    I have been hearing from my students for years that improvisation is only possible if you're gifted at it. I don't agree with this statement. When I was studying improvisation with Mike Noch, he said to me that there is no mystery to becoming a ...(more)
  6. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 8/1/2002 · 16291 Hits
    Yes, I have often felt that I run a Hospital For Dead And Dying Guitarists. The cripples hobble in to the emergency room, or are carried in on stretchers, and I diagnose their case. I take their medical history, and assess the harmful, and somet...(more)
  7. Gilbert Isbin (20)
    Posted on 5/30/2001 · 16273 Hits
    Improvising solo fingerstyle means you will have to be able to play 3 voices simultaneously at certain moments. The 3 voices are the melody (upper voice), the accompaniment (middle voice) and the bass (lower voice). Here are some steps I use to ...(more)
  8. Mark Nemier (623)
    Posted on 5/1/2000 · 15992 Hits
    <i>Editor's Note: This article is adapted from a detailed explanation of ampifier classes and wiring, originally posted in FretBuzz</i> <br/><br/> I work with a lot of engineers, and a number of these guys are audiophiles, meaning they are hard ...(more)
  9. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Posted on 3/20/2000 · 15786 Hits
    Over the past few months, I've had the privilege of corresponding with a surprising number of older guitarists who have either recently re-discovered the instrument, or are picking it up for the first time. This, in conjunction with a few diffe...(more)
  10. Laura Poston (243)
    Posted on 7/14/2004 · 15769 Hits
    Blind Faith was either one of the great successes of the late '60s, a culmination of the decade's efforts by three legendary musicians or it was a disaster of monumental proportions, and a symbol of everything that had gone wrong with the busine...(more)
  11. Tom Hess
    Posted on 7/2/2002 · 15197 Hits
    One of the biggest obstacles for most guitar players comes from their own belief that, in order to be a great player, one must possess natural ability. Ive taught many private guitar students over the years and I often hear things like, "I'll n...(more)
  12. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Posted on 5/8/2000 · 14677 Hits
    So you've managed to get the right musicians together to form your band, you've decided on a style, and now it's time to decide what songs you're going to play (your "repertoire"), and how you're going to play them (your "arrangements"). Agreein...(more)
  13. Inactive Member
    Posted on 3/13/2000 · 14599 Hits
    There has been a lot of discussion on this site concerning whether or not it is possible to have perfect pitch or relative pitch or the ability to listen to the radio and accurately call out the chords as they are being played over the radio. <b...(more)
  14. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 8/14/2000 · 14565 Hits
    In my last essay <a href="/articles/item.asp?i=71">Discover Your Discomfort</a>, I urged you to become aware of the sensations of discomfort you experience while practicing and playing. The reason is very simple. Until you do, you will not be ab...(more)
  15. Sangram Rakshit (1274)
    Posted on 8/22/2001 · 14191 Hits
    Can you make good recordings at home? Yes, you probably could, and a lot of succesful demos have been recorded out of a setup no more than a garage or basement. All your demos need are a bit of basic knowledge of acoustics, and a good knowledge ...(more)
  16. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 6/4/2002 · 14083 Hits
    One of the joys of knowing how to practice correctly is the feeling of confidence when you decide to learn a new song, piece, or exercise. When you first sit down to practice you have the same feeling that a craftsmen has when he/she sits down t...(more)
  17. Jim Graham (5168)
    Posted on 2/21/2000 · 13799 Hits
    <font size=4>A</font>long with teaching guitar and bass at two music schools, playing bass in a rock band and promoting my own independent CDs, I play solo guitar at a number of weddings each year. These are a very different type of booking tha...(more)
  18. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 1/22/2001 · 13659 Hits
    Undoubtedly, one of the most popular subjects that my students inquire about is how to get their fingers to fly over fretboard clean and fast. <br/><br/> I remember being floored by two and only two guitarists in my entire life. Ed Van Halen...(more)
  19. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 7/10/2000 · 13624 Hits
    One of the most powerful ways you can spice up your tunes whether you're recording or playing live is to harmonize your leads and melodies. <br/><br/> When you're ready to sink your teeth into this creative approach, you'll have taken a giant...(more)
  20. Lior Ella (190)
    Posted on 6/13/2001 · 13533 Hits
    I picked up a guitar for the first time a little over a year ago, and Ive been assisted by private teachers pretty much from the get-go. Interestingly, the first teacher I studied with was so vastly different than the second one, and the differe...(more)