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  1. Danny Shatz (532)
    Posted on 8/1/2002 · 32232 Hits
    We've all started out somewhere as musicians. I started learning guitar by playing old Metallica songs. I had never taken a lesson in my entire life so I had no one really to guide me. Now, six years later, the style of music I have played ha...(more)
  2. Tom Hess
    Posted on 7/2/2002 · 15197 Hits
    One of the biggest obstacles for most guitar players comes from their own belief that, in order to be a great player, one must possess natural ability. Ive taught many private guitar students over the years and I often hear things like, "I'll n...(more)
  3. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 6/4/2002 · 29238 Hits
    Well, after a lot of input from you all, one of the biggest questions asked went something like: "How do I make my soloing sound like music and not just scales?". <br/><br/> Everyone who plays guitar will have to pass through this phase of accom...(more)
  4. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 6/4/2002 · 14083 Hits
    One of the joys of knowing how to practice correctly is the feeling of confidence when you decide to learn a new song, piece, or exercise. When you first sit down to practice you have the same feeling that a craftsmen has when he/she sits down t...(more)
  5. Shelley Jacobson (42)
    Posted on 5/9/2002 · 10966 Hits
    A dream that many of us have as songwriters and artists, is the dream of one day recording and manufacturing our own CD. <br/><br/> I'll always remember the day the Purolator truck backed into my driveway as I was waiting for my much anticipated...(more)
  6. Dave Wendler (2201)
    Posted on 5/9/2002 · 10037 Hits
    If you've played electric guitar long enough, and used a microphone at the same time, you've been shocked. While there are some amplifier conditions than can let stray currents escape, most of the time the problem lies in your power source for t...(more)
  7. Darrin Koltow (383)
    Posted on 4/9/2002 · 18493 Hits
    It's the one skill you can't do without. It's the skill on which every other skill is built. It's a force that moves mountains, builds skyscrapers, and turns 98-pound weaklings into Arnold Schwarzeneggers. <br/><br/>Enough mystery already. What ...(more)
  8. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 3/14/2002 · 7984 Hits
    When I was a teenager I spent a lot of time educating myself about music. I used to read a lot of the excellent educational material produced by Leonard Bernstein. I remember reading an essay of his describing the role of the conductor in an orc...(more)
  9. Shane Roe (9823)
    Posted on 3/14/2002 · 23669 Hits
    So you can barely squeeze in any time at all in a day to practice, huh? There are many of us that share the same dilemma, but by knowing what to practice in those short moments of time you can maximize your effort. For example, if you only have ...(more)
  10. Inactive Member
    Posted on 2/14/2002 · 35616 Hits
    The date of June 9, 1915 was a special day in the lives of George and Evelyn Polfuss, as a baby boy was born to them. They named him Lester William. Little did they realize the impact this child would have on the world of twentieth century popu...(more)
  11. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 1/18/2002 · 10767 Hits
    I think very likely there exists a very common misconception about this word that we hear all the time, and one that I use often as well: relaxation. I will make my best attempt to bring your understanding of this subject up to a higher level. ...(more)
  12. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 12/20/2001 · 11144 Hits
    I get a lot of emails from people saying that they practice a lot but still can't seem to play or execute moves like their favorite guitarist. Let's take a look at exactly what you're aiming for here. <br/><br/> You've heard the term "Practi...(more)
  13. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 12/20/2001 · 7678 Hits
    I was very fortunate when I was growing up, because my father worked for one of the greatest companies a person could work for, especially at that time (1950's, 60's). He worked for IBM. IBM was founded by a very great and visionary individual n...(more)
  14. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 11/21/2001 · 9443 Hits
    In my essay, "Discover Your Discomfort", I alerted you to the simple necessity for paying absolute attention to the physical body during the practice process. I explained that unnecessary and excessive physical tension is always present when we ...(more)
  15. Brian Ritacco (79)
    Posted on 11/21/2001 · 8762 Hits
    I have come to enjoy the on-line guitar community established by WholeNote and other web sites. I almost always go through the Updates, gain a little more insight into this thing called "playing guitar", and feel somewhat connected to the great...(more)
  16. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 11/7/2001 · 10762 Hits
    After gaining an appreciation of the Floating Arm and Light Finger, you need to discover the Heavy Arm and Firm Finger. These are the names that describe the sensations that accompany the actual doing of Bar Chords, and they proceed from the Sen...(more)
  17. Andre Tonelli (361)
    Posted on 11/7/2001 · 8461 Hits
    We all heard that playing music is a way people use to free their emotions, express their feelings, and basically feel good with themselves. We have also heard of the joys of performing in front of an audience, and of the enormous satisfaction a...(more)
  18. Will Landrum (293)
    Posted on 10/25/2001 · 7130 Hits
    Dynamics are essential to your guitar playing and songwriting. They are yet another weapon in the arsenal of many techniques you can use to spice up your music. <br/><br/> What are dynamics? <br/><br/> Well, they come in many forms. I'll discu...(more)
  19. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 10/25/2001 · 33545 Hits
    In this essay, I am going to apply a number of the Principles of Correct Practice to a technical area that is of major concern to players. For beginners, it poses one of the most challenging difficulties, and an incomplete appreciation of it's ...(more)
  20. Andre Tonelli (361)
    Posted on 10/10/2001 · 9184 Hits
    Welcome to the second installment of The Perfect Player. Today I would like to discuss a very important facet of your musical identity, one that musicians too often overlook: <b>memory</b>. <br/><br/> What we are interested in is, of course, me...(more)