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  1. Laura Poston (243)
    Posted on 7/14/2004 · 15769 Hits
    Blind Faith was either one of the great successes of the late '60s, a culmination of the decade's efforts by three legendary musicians or it was a disaster of monumental proportions, and a symbol of everything that had gone wrong with the busine...(more)
  2. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 7/14/2004 · 21733 Hits
    Somewhere along the way in our development as guitar players, we start to get the idea that it would be a good idea if we learned some of those things called scales. If we are new to the guitar, and new to music, we are probably not even quite s...(more)
  3. Tom Hess (90)
    Posted on 7/14/2004 · 21592 Hits
    If you are like most players, you are desiring to become a better guitar player. Through my own learning experience and through teaching well over 1,000 students, I have learned a lot on this subject. Students often ask why they are not not a...(more)
  4. Brian Gough (32)
    Posted on 4/22/2004 · 30771 Hits
    I have often heard young musicians who enjoy jazz music saying that they wish they could play jazz but there is too much to learn with all the theory and millions of scales and complicated chords. Dont you believe it! Sure, there are theorists...(more)
  5. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 4/22/2004 · 22591 Hits
    I am fond of saying, to others and to myself, one of my guiding principles of life and guitar: "the most important thing in life is knowing what you want, and the second most important thing is knowing whether you are getting it". You may disput...(more)
  6. Inactive Member
    Posted on 4/22/2004 · 30504 Hits
    The pawnshop can be thought of as the world's oldest financial institution. It can be traced to ancient China, when merchants would hold collateral and heirlooms in exchange for rice. In any case, while I find this sort of thing fascinating, we ...(more)
  7. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 8/6/2003 · 21334 Hits
    I had previously spoke about the necessity of recording yourself if you want to be all that you can be as a musician. It was all true enough, but there is more to the story. I feel I should give you a bit more guidance in going about meeting the...(more)
  8. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 5/20/2003 · 19347 Hits
    There are some aspects and levels of the teaching process for guitar that are very subtle, very hard to convey in words. I think I would go so far as to say they are impossible to convey in words. These understandings can only be conveyed by dir...(more)
  9. Tom Hess (90)
    Posted on 5/20/2003 · 33507 Hits
    Are you musically frustrated with yourself? Are you not the musician that you want to be? Or not as good as you could be or should be? Do you look with envy at other musicians who are doing what you wish you could be doing? Does reaching your...(more)
  10. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 4/15/2003 · 30831 Hits
    The longer I teach, the more I am impressed with one unassailable fact: most of what becoming good or great on the guitar is about has nothing to do with "musical ability". It has everything to do with that group of qualities loosely spoken of a...(more)
  11. Jeremy Ledford (14379)
    Posted on 4/15/2003 · 94615 Hits
    You go just into the store and buy whatever amp, right? Yes, it could be that simple. But, without proper information, one could end up making a very costly mistake (trust me, I have). So, we will delve into the world of tone and the steps to ma...(more)
  12. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 3/12/2003 · 16817 Hits
    Well, at the risk of employing a terminology that could lead to endless and possibly embarrassing metaphors, I will adhere to a little principle of teaching that seems to be quite successful. That is, when I latch onto a useful and sometimes rev...(more)
  13. Jeremy Cotton (7938)
    Posted on 3/12/2003 · 33068 Hits
    Guitarists, pianists and percussionists have the luxury (or is it a curse?) of not having to provide wind for our instruments. Vocalists, woodwind and brass players spend years developing their stamina and breath control while most other instru...(more)
  14. Bud Sloniger (166)
    Posted on 3/12/2003 · 32552 Hits
    In 1976, I wanted to be a rock star. I was filled with energy and teenage angst and saw those Marshall Stacks and hard ear-splitting stretched E-strings as the only relief from it. Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Peter Frampton, REO Speedwago...(more)
  15. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 11/6/2002 · 17000 Hits
    It's interesting to think of the ways people speak about time, and their relationship to it. Certainly, the subject of time has been the study of not only scientists in recent times, but even more so by mystics, sages, and saints throughout t...(more)
  16. Danny Danzi (2052)
    Posted on 11/6/2002 · 32793 Hits
    I read <a href="">Danny Shatz's killer article about finding yourself</a>, and I wanted to add a few things as well if I may. I've been getting bombarded with questions from people on "how to devel...(more)
  17. Andre Tonelli (361)
    Posted on 11/6/2002 · 19631 Hits
    Hello everybody and thank you for your patience. I know it has been a long time since my last article, but these are very busy times. The good thing is that from these busy times I got the idea for this article. What I will discuss today could m...(more)
  18. Tom Hess (90)
    Posted on 9/18/2002 · 22753 Hits
    The electric guitar has advanced far beyond the time when someone could teach himself (or herself) to become a world class player. If your ambition is to become a competent player and a competent musician, you need a competent teacher. Even if...(more)
  19. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 9/18/2002 · 13270 Hits
    If we are dedicated to our growth as artists who play the guitar, we must be very smart to get the best out of ourselves. Part of the difficulty in doing so lies in combating the forces and conditioning of the world around us. The world aroun...(more)
  20. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 8/1/2002 · 16291 Hits
    Yes, I have often felt that I run a Hospital For Dead And Dying Guitarists. The cripples hobble in to the emergency room, or are carried in on stretchers, and I diagnose their case. I take their medical history, and assess the harmful, and somet...(more)