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  1. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 9/13/1999 · 9033 Hits
    One of my recent articles, <a href="/articles/item.asp?i=10">The Music Building</a>, described the seven chords which arise from the seven notes of the major scale, and how they form a fixed relationship with each other. You may remember that I ...(more)
  2. Tom Hess (90)
    Posted on 7/14/2004 · 21592 Hits
    If you are like most players, you are desiring to become a better guitar player. Through my own learning experience and through teaching well over 1,000 students, I have learned a lot on this subject. Students often ask why they are not not a...(more)
  3. Jeremy Cotton (7938)
    Posted on 12/7/1999 · 8998 Hits
    There is a lot of great music in the world, some of which I have never heard, but I am willing to say that jazz is the pinnacle of musical expression. Playing jazz well involves the synthesis of several high level skills: careful listening, ...(more)
  4. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 1/22/2001 · 9141 Hits
    As the years go by in the life of a player, there are two kinds of growth we can experience. Both are necessary for our development as musicians and guitarists. I call them Vertical Growth and Horizontal Growth. <br/><br/> Here is a common sce...(more)
  5. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 10/30/2000 · 8221 Hits
    Could you imagine how good a band would be if the players weren't sure of who was supposed to play which notes? How good would their performance be if at rehearsals different members played different notes at different times? And yet, when guita...(more)