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  1. Craig Smoot (906)
    Posted on 11/1/1999 · 7412 Hits
    <b><i>"Sing?!? But all I want to do is play guitar, and besides, my singing sucks!"</i></b> Yes, as many of you were probably thinking the same thing, I too once thought that singing was just something I'd <i>"..get around to learning when I ...(more)
  2. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 9/6/1999 · 10127 Hits
    Most people naturally associate slide guitar with the blues. We all know it was invented by those late great bottleneck players, using those tunings that drip with the blues. Such a distinctive sound. I certainly got caught up in open tunings wa...(more)
  3. Bud Sloniger (166)
    Posted on 3/12/2003 · 32552 Hits
    In 1976, I wanted to be a rock star. I was filled with energy and teenage angst and saw those Marshall Stacks and hard ear-splitting stretched E-strings as the only relief from it. Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Peter Frampton, REO Speedwago...(more)
  4. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 10/25/1999 · 9123 Hits
    The chord of the moment. <br/><br/> I must have mentioned this a hundred times since I started writing these articles, and for good reason. When it all comes down, that's all there is. The expression 'Be Here Now', the philosophy that the only r...(more)
  5. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Posted on 9/4/2000 · 24943 Hits
    A few years back, I decided that the next step in my musical journey was to become proficient in the jazz style. I realized this because some of my favorite players were either jazz players (or were using jazz elements in their soloing), and I ...(more)
  6. Gilbert Isbin (20)
    Posted on 5/30/2001 · 16273 Hits
    Improvising solo fingerstyle means you will have to be able to play 3 voices simultaneously at certain moments. The 3 voices are the melody (upper voice), the accompaniment (middle voice) and the bass (lower voice). Here are some steps I use to ...(more)
  7. Laura Wilson (448)
    Posted on 1/24/2000 · 8396 Hits
    When I first started playing the guitar, I always felt it was necessary to sit down and make myself write a song. I had all these visions in my head about how the song should be written. I would pound my head against the wall trying to come up w...(more)
  8. Bill Dunlap (443)
    Posted on 1/9/2001 · 25129 Hits
    This article will hopefully give the reader some basic pointers that might help improve how a performer looks and presents him or herself on stage. I've also included some pointers on how to build a music set. It is mostly intended for acoustic ...(more)
  9. John Close (177)
    Posted on 12/11/2000 · 23982 Hits
    Here's how to change strings on a guitar equipped with a double-locking tremolo (like a Floyd-Rose or one of the licenced variants) and have it stay in tune with the same action. <br/><br/> To start off, here's a list of the things you'll need: ...(more)
  10. Josh Graves (2401)
    Posted on 2/7/2000 · 26452 Hits
    For me, playing the guitar has always come relatively easy. I pick things up fast, and a little practice can go a long way. However, like many other guitarists, trying to get comfortable with my singing voice has been like searching for the el...(more)
  11. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 3/19/2001 · 5099 Hits
    There is a certain situation that guitar students can easily find themselves in, or, put more correctly, there is a certain situation that a student may actually <b>be</b> in, and not know it. In fact, it would be good if they did find themselve...(more)
  12. Lior Ella (190)
    Posted on 6/13/2001 · 13533 Hits
    I picked up a guitar for the first time a little over a year ago, and Ive been assisted by private teachers pretty much from the get-go. Interestingly, the first teacher I studied with was so vastly different than the second one, and the differe...(more)
  13. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 8/23/1999 · 7852 Hits
    As I wrote in The kink in the tuning, the guitar is designed and tuned to give the player a wealth of possibilities and approaches to making music. This repetition of the same notes and chords in different positions is also the reason the guitar...(more)
  14. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 10/11/1999 · 7260 Hits
    Hello, music lovers. Callouses nice and hard? Been practicing? No one has to remind you that practice is everything. Practice is what you do so you can forget the facts and figures. <br/><br/> I recently received a letter with the question --...(more)
  15. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 10/18/1999 · 5716 Hits
    I have often likened improvised lines to little trips away from home, with "home" being the I - III - V of the "chord of the moment". These are usually, and I stress 'usually', your starting notes and finishing notes. The other notes used to li...(more)
  16. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 6/4/2002 · 14083 Hits
    One of the joys of knowing how to practice correctly is the feeling of confidence when you decide to learn a new song, piece, or exercise. When you first sit down to practice you have the same feeling that a craftsmen has when he/she sits down t...(more)
  17. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 9/20/1999 · 9648 Hits
    Strange as it may sound, from my own experience and hanging around guitars and guitarists all my life, the hardest thing of all improvising a nice melody over a simple, unadorned chord progression. I mean a C - Am - F - G type of chord progressi...(more)
  18. Jamey Andreas (731)
    Posted on 2/19/2001 · 9060 Hits
    Over the years, I have met many guitar students who could not actually play anything, even though they had taken lessons, perhaps for years. If they were asked to play something, the best they could do would be offer you some isolated "pieces...(more)
  19. Christopher Sung (9641)
    Posted on 7/25/2001 · 10348 Hits
    Every once in a while, I'll see a FretBuzz message outlining a member's frustration with their progress on their instrument. It usually starts out with something like: <br/><br/> <i>"That's it - I'm quitting. I've been practicing [x] for month...(more)
  20. Kirk Lorange (4841)
    Posted on 4/16/2001 · 8449 Hits
    As a learner of the guitar and the system we call music, I was always aware of the term 'Key'. I was also aware that it was important to know what it meant -- the name itself indicated that it was fundamental -- trouble was, no one could define ...(more)