Bo Diddley

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WholeNote shared a news item about Bo Diddley
Nov 5 2014

Dear Guitar Hero: George Thorogood Talks Bo Diddley, Gibson Guitars, Beatles, Stones and Baseball (11/5/2014)
The “Bad to the Bone” blues rocker has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. But what Guitar World readers really want to know is… You’ve just released the Live at Montreux DVD and Icon record, and you’re doing a 40th anniversary tour. You...
WholeNote shared a news item about Bo Diddley
Dec 30 2013

From Bo Diddley to The Beatles to U2, Gretsch Guitars Have Been a Key Part of Rock and Roll’s Explosion (12/30/2013)
From the GW Archive: This story originally appeared in the September 2009 issue of Guitar World. From Bo Diddley to the Beatles to U2, Gretsch Guitars have been a key part of rock and roll’s big explosion. Guitar World celebrates more than 125 y...