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WholeNote shared a news item about Pretenders
Nov 29 2015

Best Holiday Rock Song Poll: "2000 Miles" (Pretenders) Vs. "Christmas Wrapping" (The Waitresses) (11/24/2015)
It's that special, joyful time of year once again: readers' poll season! This year, we've decided to spread some musical holiday cheer in the form of our first-ever "Best Holiday Rock Song" readers' poll. It's a chance for all th...
WholeNote shared a news item about Pretenders
Jul 26 2013

First Listen: Matt Nathanson’s 'Last of the Great Pretenders' (7/26/2013)
Did I say first listen? I meant first, second, third and maybe even fourth. Nathanson, a veteran of folk-laced rock, sings a path to my heart with this latest amalgam of longing mixed with bouncy fun. His many references to San Francisco also h...
I published a feature about Pretenders
Nov 28 2000

Robbie McIntosh: The English Country Gentleman
The sideman for the Pretenders, Paul McCartney, and countless others flies solo with a new album, and an interview with WholeNote's Chris Hansen.
If you're ever lucky enough to meet Robbie McIntosh, "rock star" probably won't be the first thing that comes to mind. Like his hero <a href="/artists/artist.asp?i=43">Chet Atkins</a>, his gentle, soft-spoken nature seems at odds with the feroc...(more)
WholeNote shared a news item about Pretenders
Mar 31 2000

Chrissie Hynde Arrested at Protest (3/11/2000)
Pretenders singer arrested while protesting at NYC Gap