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Attitude: The Number One Band Killer

It seems people are always quoting various things as to the number one cause of this or that. I myself believe that the number one killer of bands is the wrong attitude. There seems to be three common problems:

  1. Personality clashes or lack of conviction.

  2. The desire for album deals or more live gigs.

  3. The need for better songs, performances, and/or arrangements.
Alright, we all know that it is possible for a label to sign Band A because they are the same style as another label's latest chart topper Band B, and then proceed to push the band in question a lot. But in most cases, labels want everyone to be impressed with any band they sign.

"Absorb. You'll be a better musician for it."
So what makes me think items 1 and 3 are the real problems with many groups? I've learned this from talking to musicians and listening to their songs. Now, I really do not go around putting relative values on artistic things like songwriting, but there are some things that seem so obviously uncomfortable to listen to that I will stick with the idea that some songs could be changed and improved. A songwriting weakness usually jumps right out of a song, and performance problems that could easily be fixed are present on literally every tape I've heard recently.

So what can change all of this?


Having the right attitude can usually make or break a band. If a musician is always copping out all the time, chances are they are gonna get booted, or worse the band breaks up. The attitude to find common ground in a band situation is crucial to band success. Listening to the opinions of other band members is vital. If someone says, "Maybe the lead break would be better this way", don't take it as a personal attack. Instead, view it as opinion, take it to heart, and go through with what he or she says at least once or twice on the guitar. Who knows? Their ideas could be better, which leads to better songs! So, be a musician in your band and speak your mind on how a track should be. But listen to others opinions as well.

Absorb. You'll be a better musician for it.

Ronnie Harris describes his playing as "unthinkable, but not imponderable".